About us

About us

Find your fish! At Fischguru. de!

Yes, that's the motto here. A fishing gift, simply the perfect gift for a fisherman who already has everything. You can find it here! Art, real craftsmanship and affordable!

The fish world is very diverse, so just write to us if you don't find your species of fish. The focus is on native fish species, but we make almost everything possible.

As far as the wood carving objects are concerned, these are absolutely unique. Each work is unique, hand-made and hand-painted. An incredible number of variants are possible! If we don't have a 60 cm perch in our shop, this doesn't mean that it can't be carved for you - no, we are happy to implement special wishes! Please note that delivery times are longer, because the finished fish do not grow on the trees;)

We are always looking for other interesting products and want to collect them in our shop. We are still at the beginning, where the road leads to, this will be shown.

Have fun browsing and shopping!